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Recipe of the week!

Red Velvet Layer Cake

“One of the Tea Time show stoppers. Red Velvet cake looks beautiful with a bright white icing and a deep red soft sponge. I am often asked by our guests what flavour the cake is – hard to say really, its quite unique. It’s not a chocolate cake, its not too sweet, yet there is something… Continue reading

Recipe of the Week!

Tom Ka Gai (Thai chicken soup with Coconut milk, lime & coriander)

I love this soup…you can add a few mushrooms or some fresh spinach leaves or slices of courgette in with the chicken…for a change from chicken it is wonderful with some large, shelled prawns…just barbecue or griddle them and toss into the soup just before serving! Serves 4… Continue reading

Spiced Coconut Cream Chicken

This is a lightly spiced creamy chicken dish and will re-heat well if you wish to make it a day in advance or you can freeze it, thaw overnight, bring to boil and simmer gently for 10 mins. Delicious served with fruit and nut rice.

Prep: 25mins. Cooking: 1 hour Serves: 6 EASY

125g onion 1 green chilli 175g tomatoes… Continue reading